Disability Insurance Attorneys

Legal considerations in the evaluation of disability claims are complex. Few disability insurance attorneys understand this industry and its nuances, which involves the mastery of an enormous body of statutes, regulations, court rulings, industry trends, market-conduct reviews, as well as medical and occupational information. Even seemingly simple questions, like the meaning of the term "disability," have given rise to disagreement and widespread litigation, especially in the context of professional disability insurance policies.

Understanding The Disability Insurance Industry

Our disability insurance attorneys know the industry and track the way companies handle claims. We review each claim in anticipation of issues that may become problematic, and work in partnership with our clients to develop positions that are defensible against challenges. Insurance companies are sophisticated in obtaining cost-effective results. We therefore encourage individuals to obtain legal counsel early in the claim process. Waiting until the claim is filed, or denied, is often too late.

Strategy For Winning

As necessary, we litigate and our attorneys are among the most experienced anywhere in disability insurance litigation. Regardless of when a client turns to us, we set in place a winning strategy well-before the first papers are filed all the way through trial and appeals.

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