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Ed Comitz heads Comitz | Beethe’s disability insurance practice. Mr. Comitz has over 20 years of experience filing and litigating private disability claims against the major disability carriers. He has deposed their employees and has negotiated settlements with their in-house counsel. Mr. Comitz also makes a concerted effort to educate professionals regarding the many pitfalls they face when filing disability claims. He has published numerous articles on disability insurance, and has been interviewed by several major publications. He also regularly speaks at medical and dental conventions and has taught several continuing education courses regarding disability insurance.

All of our disability insurance attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of the disability insurance industry and its nuances. We understand and are familiar with the several iterations of “own occupation” policies that disability insurers are selling, and we are aware of the latest tactics insurers are using to deny disability claims. We review each claim in detail, anticipate the issues that may prove problematic, and work in partnership with our clients to develop a personalized strategy designed to maximize their chances to collect, and continue to collect, the benefits they are entitled to under their policies. As necessary, we litigate and our attorneys are among the most experienced anywhere in disability insurance litigation.

Edward O. Comitz , Member
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Michael F. Beethe , Member
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Patrick T. Stanley , Member
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Derek R. Funk , Associate
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Tonna K. Farrar , Of Counsel
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Karla Baker Thompson , Of Counsel
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