Paper Trail Surveillance:
How Disability Insurance Companies Investigate You
Without Ever Leaving a Computer

We have written about video, photograph and social media surveillance in the past, but have yet to address another kind of “surveillance” that disability insurance companies use when a claim is filed: detailed record searches.  When a policyholder files a claim for benefits, one of the first things that claims personnel do is conduct a series of detailed record searches and record requests for all kinds of information on the claimant, including:

  1. Corporate and business filings;
  2. Civil court filings;
  3. Criminal background check;
  4. General internet search results;
  5. Workers compensation claims;
  6. Professional licenses;
  7. Real estate purchase and sale records;
  8. Medical records;
  9. Credit reports; and
  10. Pharmacy records.

The disability insurance claim process can be daunting, especially when insurers are delving into your personal and professional records.  It is always best to have a disability insurance lawyer working to protect your privacy and your rights under the policy.