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We are a nationally recognized law firm offering powerful and insightful strategies for professionals at all stages of the disability claims process.

We have developed one of the most successful professional disability insurance practices in the country, exclusively representing professionals (primarily physicians, dentists, and other attorneys). We have handled numerous claims with all of the major disability carriers, and are a known quantity in the industry.  We are very selective, taking only the few matters that are the right fit for both us and our clients. Accordingly, we are able to devote substantial time, resources and energy to each individual client.

Ideally, we work with professionals from the moment they realize that they may need to file a disability claim. We help them to assess whether they have a claim and, if so, when they should file (particularly if they have a slowly progressive condition). Then, when it comes time to file, we manage all aspects of the claim. We work with our clients to gather all necessary documentation and require that the companies coordinate all requests for information through our office, so that we can monitor the requests and ensure that they are warranted and appropriately carried out. When the companies require interviews, IMEs, FCEs, or other examinations, we ensure that their representatives do not engage in any improper questioning or conduct.

We continuously monitor each claim and utilize our extensive industry knowledge to preemptively identify, document, and combat the insurance companies’ improper, bad-faith tactics, before these tactics come to fruition in a claim denial or termination of benefits. We also represent professionals whose insurance carriers have wrongfully denied their disability insurance claims or attempted to terminate their disability insurance benefits.

The disability claims process is particularly eye-opening for those experiencing it for the first time. Insurance companies have vast resources at their disposal, often making the claim process as daunting as possible in pursuit of their own interests. We are not afraid of a challenge. With years of experience in handling the most difficult disability insurance claims, we often help clients whom others have turned away. In the face of what can seem insurmountable challenges, we work tirelessly to secure, protect and preserve the benefits our clients are entitled to under their policies.

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