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Edward O. Comitz, Esq. heads the firm's health and disability insurance practice, which focuses on ensuring collection of legitimate disability claims filed on behalf of professionals who have purchased individual policies. We represent medical, dental, legal and business professionals, as well as professional athletes, in complex coverage disputes with their disability insurance carriers throughout the United States.

The challenges inherent in submitting a disability insurance claim for payment are shockingly difficult to tackle alone, against a billion dollar industry with its own team of professionals aimed at saving money by denying or terminating claims. Because insurers regularly employ numerous and varied tactics to deny or terminate benefits, our relationships with clients typically cover every aspect of the process from legitimate risk management, documenting the claim, ensuring coverage, and, as necessary, litigation and appeals.

Risk Management: Before Filing a Disability Benefit Claim

The ideal time to consult an experienced attorney about a disability insurance claim is when an insured first begins contemplating filing the claim--several months or even years before actually doing so. At that point, we are able to advise clients about their policy language and requirements, review financial material and medical information relevant to the claim, and discuss inappropriate tactics that could be used by the carrier to not pay the claim. Our aim is to make the eventual claim process as seamless as possible. [ Read More ]

Filing a Disability Insurance Claim

When a client needs to file a disability insurance claim, our attorneys offer experienced legal advice and counseling to walk our client through the entire claim process. Disability insurance claim forms are replete with "gotcha" questions and hidden agendas. For example, an insured may be asked to quantify in percentages what work activities he or she was engaged in pre- and post-disability. To the extent that there is any crossover, insurance companies will often deny benefits or provide benefits merely for a residual, or partial, disability. We work to successfully complete vague and confusing insurance claim forms in a way that most accurately and completely describes our clients' disability in relation to their specific insurance policy and ensures that clients do not unwittingly prejudice their rights.
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The Disability Claim Process

During the disability insurance claim process, we provide legal advice and counseling on how to handle the insurance carrier's nearly constant deluge of questions and requests for information. We require all requests for information to be handled through our office to ensure that clients' rights are never unfairly or inadvertently compromised.
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Continuing Disability Claim Coverage

Getting on claim is not the end of the disability insurance process. Insureds have a duty to provide ongoing proof of loss to the insurance company, often on a monthly basis. Staying on claim entails the monthly submission of forms, treating physician's statements, personal statements and medical reports, any detail of which could be interpreted by the insurer as a reason to rescind benefits. We advise clients on the completion of claim forms and statements as well as consult with treating physicians to make sure that every submission to the insurance company is accurate, complete and unambiguous.
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Disability Claim Denials and Terminations

Disability insurance claim denials and terminations can be extremely difficult to reverse, since insurance companies expertly document their reasons for denying or rescinding benefits. We provide prompt legal advice and counseling on what to do when an insurance carrier has denied a disability claim or attempted to stop paying benefits. Our attorneys uncover the reasons for the insurer's decision and take immediate action to address and reverse the denial or termination.
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Lump-Sum Policy Settlement

If our client is interested in a lump-sum settlement, we use our extensive legal experience with disability insurance claims and carriers to advocate on our clients' behalf during negotiations. A lump sum can be obtained when a court has ruled that the insurance company has acted in bad faith, and thus the insured should not have to continue his or her relationship with the company. [ Read More ]

Healthcare and Disability Insurance Litigation

Our attorneys litigate matters where disability insurance benefits have been denied or rescinded based on alleged misrepresentations or non-disclosure in the original policy application. We also litigate disability insurance claim denials or terminations, including cases where a provider's conduct amounts to fraud or when a carrier acts in bad faith to deny disability insurance benefits. Insurance carriers have a duty to treat policyholders fairly and honestly and to handle claims in a timely fashion. When an insurer fails to uphold its duty, we aggressively pursue our client's rights in court. [ Read More ]

Disability insurance carriers often make the claim process as daunting as possible. None of the problems is insurmountable; however, they are certainly difficult to tackle alone. When faced with a possible disability insurance claim, insureds should consult an attorney experienced in this area of the law so that they can maintain control of their financial future. Edward O. Comitz and the attorneys of Comitz | Beethe have earned a national reputation for prosecuting claims on behalf of individuals based on fraud and unfair business practices in the disability insurance and healthcare industries. For more information on our qualifications, see our Disability Insurance Attorney Profiles.

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