Speaking Engagements

Our attorneys regularly offer presentations to groups of physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals about disability insurance issues.  Past topics include choosing disability insurance policies, financial issues of disability, pursuing disability insurance benefits, and litigation of disability insurance claims.  

Recent Speaking Engagements


Disability Insurance Claims and Litigation: Issues Involving Athletes with Ed Comitz

Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

Ed Comitz was recently invited to speak at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law by a local leading sports agent to discuss issues that professional athletes and their agents may encounter when dealing with disability insurance.  Topics included the types of insurance coverage most often purchased by athletes and the tactics insurance companies use to deny athlete's claims. 


Legal Issues Affecting Dentists: Protecting Your Practice,
Your Career and Your Reputation, by Ed Comitz 

(Certified for CE Credit)

2016 Western Regional Dental Convention, April 8-9, 2016

Dentists face a myriad of legal issues on almost a daily basis. This course covers the legal issues that virtually every dentist will encounter at some point during his or her practice. The course is divided into two parts. The first part discusses some of the most common legal mistakes made by practicing dentists and how to avoid them.  The focus is on risk management in the acquisition and sale of practices, effectively addressing employment issues, and minimizing liability during regulatory investigations and third-party payor audits.  The second part of the course covers personal legal matters that dentists must address in order to protect their financial security. Topics will include estate planning and asset protection, disability insurance issues, and licensing board complaints.


All About Disability Insurance with Ed Comitz

Howard Speaks Podcast #110, Dentaltown

In a recent episode of the "Howard Speaks" podcast, Ed Comitz spoke with Dentaltown's Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, about every aspect of disability insurance, including what types of policies to buy, when to purchase disability insurance, how much coverage dentists need, legal issues in disability insurance claims, how a disability insurance attorney can facilitate the claims process, why dentists are more likely to need to file disability insurance claims, and why dentists' disability insurance claims are the most difficult to collect on.  


Financial Planning and Disability Seminar with Ed Comitz

San Diego Dental Society

Ed Comitz was invited to address the San Diego Dental Society and discuss how disability insurance works as part of a dentist's long-term financial plan.  Topics covered include the amount of coverage a dentist needs, how to recognize a true "own occupation" policy, the differences between total and residual disability provisions, and what to look for when evaluating potential disability insurance coverage.


It's Your Dream, You've Got to Protect It with Ed Comitz

Women in Dentistry Series, Arizona Dental Association

Part of the AzDA's Women in Dentistry series, this panel discussion covered retirment options, estate planning, disability insurance, and group protection for dentists.  The aim was to help attendees walk away with enough information to feel secure about their futures.  Ed Comitz was asked to address questions about disability insurance, including why disability insurance is worth the investment for dentists, how to evaluate the key provisions in a policy, and how to select the right coverage and type of policy. 


Disability Insurance: Will It Be There When You Need It? Choosing Policies,
Pursuing Benefits, and Litigating Claims by Ed Comitz

(Certified for CE Credit)

Synergy Dental Study Group

Western Regional Dental Convention

One-third of Americans will become disabled long enough to be eligible for disability insurance benefits. That number may be even higher for dentists, who are particularly vulnerable to musculoskeletal problems caused by repetitive strain and the maintenance of awkward positioning during the treatment of patients. Unfortunately, purchasing a disability insurance policy can be difficult, and collecting on one even more so. This popular course, presented to dental groups and societies for CE credit, discusses the key provisions in disability insurance policies and their interpretation; precisely how insurance claims are investigated and administered; why it is even more difficult for dental professionals to have a claim accepted for payment in the current financial environment; the regulatory overhaul of the nation’s largest carrier following investigative segments on 60 Minutes and Dateline; and the top mistakes made when filing claims and how to avoid them.

Sample Attendee Outline


Understanding Disability Insurance and Choosing a Policy by Ed Comitz

THEOS Educational Series, Arizona Dental Association

As a member of a panel of attorneys and other professionals familiar with the regulatory and legal issues affecting dentists, Ed Comitz spoke to recent dental school graduates and dentists looking to build or expand their practice.  The goal of the course was to familiarize attendees with legal issues surrounding disability insurance, such as how insurance carriers and courts interpret policy language, what regulatory actions have been taken against disability insurers, and the legal implications of group disability policies governed by ERISA.  


What Attendees Say

"Very informative, loved this class.  The information was so helpful.  Thank you so much!!!"


"This is one of the BEST CE course I've ever attended!  I couldn't take notes fast enough!"


"It should be made mandatory for all dentists and hygienists... especially those just out of school.  I highly recommend more courses like this in the future!"


"Ed's program was fantastic... I heard several positive comments from other attendees."


To have one of our attorneys speak to your class, practice, professional group, or study club, contact Libby Thompson at 480.998.7800 or lthompson@cobelaw.com.

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