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Our clients invariably want to know if they need to hire a disability attorney, whether they can handle the claim themselves, and how hard it will be for them to collect (and keep collecting) disability benefits. Unfortunately, all too often collecting benefits is struggle for unrepresented professionals submitting claims. Doctors are not trained in the law or insurance, and disability insurance companies often take advantage of this. This can result in long delays and improper claim denials, as well as significant emotional and financial burden to an unrepresented claimant who is also trying to manage his or her medical issues and other family and personal responsibilities.

We are a nationally recognized law firm offering powerful and insightful strategies for dentists, physicians, and other professionals at all stages of the disability insurance claims process. We work with doctors and attorneys throughout the country, and often get involved in claims or cases mid-stream, when a client or the client’s attorney realizes that they need more sophisticated, industry-focused attorneys. In these situations, we have used our industry knowledge to deliver successful results for our clients by turning around claims headed for termination and reversing unwarranted claim denials.

With decades of experience in this cottage industry, our firm is truly like no other. Handling professional own-occupation claims is our law firm’s focus. It’s what we do best. We fully understand the obstacles our clients face and how to avoid a claim denial or termination. For our clients, the best defense to a claim denial is working with us to ensure that all aspects of their claims are considered, prepared and submitted properly, and to further ensure that their insurance company does not act in bad faith in order to save money at our clients’ expense.

We have developed one of the most sophisticated and successful professional disability insurance law practices in the country, having returned tens of millions of dollars to our professional clients. Our firm has successfully handled hundreds of own-occupation disability claims/cases with all of the major disability insurance companies. We have long-standing professional relationships with key individuals at most companies and are a known quantity in the disability insurance industry.

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