How We Help

As a professional facing a disabling condition, you likely have a lot of questions. Can I handle my disability claim myself, or do I need to hire a disability attorney? How hard will it be to receive (and continue to receive) my disability benefits? What do I need to be prepared for, and how do I prepare?

Unfortunately, all too often collecting benefits is struggle for unrepresented professionals. Physicians and dentists are not trained in the law or insurance, and disability companies take advantage of this. Many professionals also do not realize that, in addition to the analyst assigned to their claim, the company has a team of lawyers, physicians, vocational consultants, surveillance personnel, and others working behind the scenes to find a way to limit, deny or terminate the claim.

At the same time, dealing with a disabling condition while transitioning out of practice can be very draining—physically, emotionally and financially. It is a very stressful time, and often the last thing that you want to do is meticulously read through the provisions of your policy or deal with an analyst ambushing you with impromptu interviews.

Our firm’s job is to make sure you are paid the benefits you are entitled to under your policy. While we do handle claims that have already been wrongfully denied or are being targeted for denial, ideally, we consult with doctors and other professionals from the moment they realize that they may need to file a disability claim. We assess whether they have valid claims and identify issues that they may run into when filing. In situations involving slowly progressive conditions, we evaluate when it might be appropriate to file a claim and work with our clients to prepare a plan for their eventual transition out of practice, taking into account their particular circumstances and the requirements of their disability policies.

When it comes time to file, we handle all aspects of the claim. We require that the disability insurance companies coordinate all requests for information through our office, so that we can monitor the requests and ensure that they are warranted and appropriately carried out. When disability insurance companies require interviews (of yourself, your employer, your staff and others), Independent Medical Exams (IMEs), Functional Capacity Exams (FCEs), or other examinations, our firm ensures that their representatives do not engage in improper questioning or bad faith conduct. We then continuously monitor each disability claim and utilize our extensive industry knowledge to preemptively identify, document, and combat the insurance companies’ improper, bad-faith tactics, including improper and intrusive surveillance, before these tactics come to fruition in a claim denial or termination.

Our law firm is not afraid of a challenge. With decades of experience successfully handling the most difficult disability insurance claims, we work tirelessly to secure, protect and preserve the benefits our clients are entitled to receive under their policies.