Continuing Disability Claim Coverage

Getting on claim is not the end of the disability insurance process. Insureds have a duty to provide ongoing proof of loss to the disability insurance company, often on a monthly basis. Staying on claim entails the monthly submission of forms, treating physician’s statements, personal statements and medical reports, any detail of which could be interpreted by the disability insurer as a reason to rescind disability benefits. We advise clients on the completion of disability insurance claim forms and statements as well as consult with treating physicians to make sure that every submission to the insurance company is accurate, complete, and unambiguous.

We maintain a risk-management relationship with clients to ensure that their disability insurance benefits remain protected. The highest likelihood that an insured’s disability benefits will be terminated exists in the first two years after a disability insurance claim is approved, during which time insurers often amplify their efforts to find reasons for rescission. After a disability insurance claim is approved, insurance companies are likely to hyper-analyze medical records, re-interview physicians, and increase video and internet surveillance efforts. Once a disability insurance claim is approved, we continue to monitor and communicate with the insurance company to make certain that legitimate benefits continue.

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