The Disability Claim Process

During the disability insurance claim process, we provide legal advice and counseling on how to handle the insurance carrier’s recurring waves of questions and requests for information. We require all requests for information to be handled through our office to ensure that clients’ rights are never unfairly or inadvertently compromised. Many insurers will attempt to require a disability insurance claimant to undergo an Independent Medical Examination, or IME. These IMEs are rarely “independent,” as the examiner is normally someone chosen and paid for by the insurance carrier, and the exams are often used as a tool for denying disability benefits whenever possible. When an insurer schedules an IME for our client, we examine the client’s disability insurance policy to determine whether an IME can be required. We then work to limit the test to certain parameters, study the individual examiner’s curriculum vitae, videotape or audiotape the exam, accompany our client to the exam, and review the resulting report for accuracy.

We also advise clients on how to handle the myriad of other obstacles that insureds must often overcome to receive disability benefits, including in-home interviews with claim agents; medical record reviews; psychiatric evaluations; Functional Capacity Exams; audits of individual and practice tax returns, insurance filings and billing records; demands for precise time quantification; and video and internet surveillance. Our disability insurance attorneys monitor the insurance company’s every step to protect against unreasonable delays, undue harassment, or misconstruing of information in processing clients’ claims for disability benefits.

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