I initially filed my claim on my own.  I thought—how hard could it be? I was a clinical dentist who was in a major motorcycle accident, fractured my dominant hand and arm in numerous places and had reconstruction surgeries involving 4 plates and 13 screws. I have obvious, permanent limitations.  I thought I would authorize release of my medical records, complete some forms and get paid the benefits to which I was entitled. I was wrong, and really got an education on how disability insurance carriers try to save money through patently egregious practices. I reached out to Ed and he not only answered all of my questions in the very first call, he identified the mistakes that I was about to make, and took over my claim completely.  It was such a relief to find someone who already knew the ins and outs of these claims, and who was willing to get me through this. 

Eric Harris, D.D.S.
Professor, Arizona School of
Dentistry and Oral Health