I have served as Executive Director for various medical and dental boards and associations for the past 30 years. In that capacity, I’ve spoken with many professionals facing career-ending medical conditions who turned to me for guidance. It didn’t take long for me to realize that many doctors don’t really understand their disability policies, how the process works or where to even start when facing this uncertainty. Then Ed spoke at one of our conventions and the feedback was tremendous. I learned that his practice was solely dedicated to helping professionals filing disability claims and realized that I had found the go-to firm nationally in this highly specialized area. What impressed me most was that Ed not only understood how each disability company operates, but also knew what my members were facing on a personal level, having had his own potentially career-ending injury. Now when someone comes to me for help, I happily send them to Ed, and they invariably thank me for putting them in touch. Over the years, Comitz | Stanley has been an invaluable resource to our Association’s members.   

Kevin Earle, M.B.A, M.P.H.
Former Executive Director, AzDA