Why We Win

Over the past 25 years, Ed Comitz, Esq. has developed, to his knowledge, the only practice in the country that solely focuses on professionals’ “own occupation” claims and litigation.

As a result, our firm knows how disability insurers operate and how they approach high-dollar, “own occupation” claims. We have relationships with senior executives, claim department heads, in-house counsel and outside counsel at the major carriers. Claims involving our firm are often “tagged” to warn the companies’ analysts to take care in conducting themselves.

Ed Comitz also personally understands what many of our clients are going through. Several years ago, he suffered a severe neck injury and went through months of agonizing pain before he underwent an emergency multi-level discectomy and fusion. While he has improved since then, he still has pain and limitations to this day.

From this experience, Ed is sympathetic to limitations that others don’t fully understand. He knows first-hand how injuries and chronic conditions progress, how they impact a professionals’ ability to work, and how to effectively advocate for professionals facing similar challenges.

At Comitz | Stanley, we focus on winning rather than “managing” our clients’ expectations. We staff each claim/case with multiple experienced attorneys, provide our direct extensions to clients, and have a well-deserved reputation for our preparedness and dedication to our client’s interests.

Our attorneys personally vet each claim/case before accepting representation. We are selective in the matters that we take and the companies know that if we accept a case, it is one that we personally believe in and will endlessly fight to protect.