The Evolution of Disability Policies
Part 2: Interviews and Examinations

In Part 2 of our series on how disability policies have evolved over time, we’ll examine provisions related to personal interviews and in-person examinations.

Most older policies give the company the right to interview you, and say something along these lines:

Personal Interview. The company may conduct a personal interview of the Insured.

Newer policies, however, are much more aggressive and can include statements like:

Examinations. You must meet with Our representative for a personal interview or review of records at such time and place, and as frequently as We reasonably require.


We must be provided with satisfactory proof of loss. If the proof of loss requirements We request are not received, the claim will be denied. Proof of loss requirements include, but are not limited to:

      • A personal interview with a company representative, which may include a statement under oath.

Sometimes these interviews are conducted over the phone, sometimes on a recorded line, and other times the company will send a field examiner out to interview you in-person at your home or office.

These interviews are often a critical factor in whether a claim is accepted or denied, and should be taken seriously—particularly if the statements are being made under oath.

Every claim is different, and these are just some examples of examination provisions taken from different policies. Your policy may contain different and/or additional language that could impact your particular situation.  If you are unsure about the terms of your policy, or how a provision applies to your specific situation, you should contact an experienced disability insurance attorney.


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