How to Get a Copy of Your Disability Insurance Policy

Many of the questions surrounding a disability insurance claim depend on the language in your policy.  Thus, the first step to a successful disability claim is getting a copy of that policy.  Though it is always important to keep a copy of your disability insurance policy and any related documents, sometimes policyholders forget to do so, they lose the document, or the papers become accidentally damaged.

The simplest way to get a copy of your policy is to call or send a letter to your insurance company directly.  You can search for your disability insurer’s phone number and address on the Arizona Department of Insurance website.  The insurer may require you to pay a minor fee, but they will send you a copy.

Once you receive your copy, check to make sure it is actually yours and that no pages are missing or damaged.  If you have questions about the provisions in the disability insurance policy or filing a claim for benefits, you can bring your copy to a disability insurance attorney who can help interpret it and guide you through the disability claims process.