Your Most Valuable Financial Asset

What is your most valuable financial asset?  According to Chicago Tribune columnist, Gregory Karp, for most people “the answer isn’t in their golden eggs, but in the goose that laid them.”  That is, their most valuable financial asset is not their car, house or retirement account, but their ability to make money.

When you suffer from long-term or short-term disability, you will likely be unable to continue working and, therefore, will lose your most valuable financial asset – your ability to earn money.  For many Americans without disability insurance, this financial blow can be devastating.

For this reason, in his article entitled Disability Insurance Primer, Karp stresses the importance of long-term disability insurance and provides a basic overview of what disability insurance is, what it is not, and how to find an appropriate plan.  The article is a good source for those seeking disability insurance or looking to change their current disability benefits plan.

Ed Comitz, disability insurance attorney in the greater Phoenix area, Tucson, and Flagstaff, also provides answers to frequently asked disability insurance questions.  For example, in his blog post, Disability Insurance Policies: Which type do you own?, Mr. Comitz describes fundamental differences between individual, group and employer-sponsored disability insurance policies.  In another post, How to Get a Copy of Your Disability Insurance Policy, Mr. Comitz explains the process of obtaining a copy of your policy from the insurance company.  Finally, in How Specific is Your “Own Occupation”?, Mr. Comitz provides understanding about key terms within your policy and how insurers may try to classify these terms in a way to deny your disability insurance claim.