Protecting Yourself in the IME Process: Bring a Friend

We have talked about involving a disability insurance attorney in the IME process, understanding what the insurance policy requires, completing intake forms, making lists, and taking notes.  Today in our series about tips for Independent Medical Examinations:

Bring a friend.  Taking notes is great, but having a witness present is best.  That way, you can focus on participating in the examination, and your witness can focus on observing and taking notes.  Moral support is an added benefit.

A friend, spouse or partner can be a good witness, especially if he or she is a medical professional.  If you have a disability insurance attorney, he or she may also attend with you or send a representative from the law office.

Take note, however, that some insurance companies specifically state that witness are not allowed at IMEs.  Normally, this alleged requirement is stated in the letter the insurer sends you to confirm the examination.  If you have a disability insurance attorney involved, the attorney can review the letter, the policy and the law and determine whether or not a witness is allowed to attend.

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