Protecting Yourself in the IME Process: Get a Copy

This post is the last in our series on tips for undergoing disability insurance Independent Medical Examinations (“IME”).  Today’s topic is a step to take after the examination is over:

Get a copy.  After the exam, contact your insurer to ask for a copy of the IME report.  Most IME doctors have a copy of their report to the disability insurer within two weeks.  Your insurer may send a copy of the IME report to your own treating physician and ask for his or her comments on the exam.  In that case, the company will require you to request the IME report directly from your own physician.

When you get the report, review it and compare it against your notes and/or recollection.  If anything needs to be clarified, discuss it with your disability insurer or attorney.  If you received the copy of the IME report from your own physician, talk about it with him or her.  An inaccurate or misleading IME report can be dangerous to your claim for disability benefits, so it’s important to address any inconsistencies as best you can.

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