New: Disability Insurance Newsletter

We receive many, many requests for more information on disability insurance companies, disability insurance claims, and other relevant news and updates.

This blog is a great way for us to keep you informed about general disability news and claim topics, but we wanted a way to keep those most interested in what our firm does up to date in a more comprehensive way.

Coming soon, we will be distributing a monthly e-mail newsletter.  The newsletter will contain information not included on this blog, such as:

  • Detailed tips for filing disability insurance claims with various carriers;
  • Examples of best practices vs. worst practices when interacting with your insurer;
  • Updates on recent disability cases relevant to your claim or potential claim;
  • Specific answers to common questions, which newsletter recipients can submit anonymously; and
  • Information on lectures and classes you can attend to hear the firm’s attorneys speak about choosing disability insurance policies and filing claims.

If you are interested in subscribing (at no cost, of course), please sign up here:

Disability Insurance Newsletter.

Your name is not required.  Please rest assured that we will not use or distribute your e-mail address for any other reason.

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