Disability Insurance Q&A:
Why Do So Many Doctors’ Claims Get Denied, and How Can a Law Firm Help?

Question:  Why do many doctors’ disability claims get denied, and how can a law firm help?

Answer:  Doctors’ and dentists’ disability claims can be expensive for insurance companies to accept.  The troubled economy and the rising number of disability claims filed by healthcare professionals have led to financial hardship.  This strain on resources creates an incentive for insurance companies to deny medical professionals’ claims.  Thus, many insurers closely scrutinize the terms of doctors’ and dentists’ policies in order to find ways to deny disability insurance benefits, as the long-term financial benefit to the insurance company is significant.

Our firm has years of experience in cases in which disability benefits have been rescinded based on alleged misrepresentation or non-disclosure in the original policy application.  We also have a strong history of prosecuting cases in which benefits have been denied based on the insurance company’s insistence that a dentist’s or doctor’s “subjective claim” doesn’t provide objective evidence of disability.

Further information on our law firm’s services and what you can expect when filing a disability claim is available on our website at this link.

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