SEAK Inc.’s 16th Annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference, Oct. 19-20, 2019

Many doctors and dentists find themselves unable to practice, whether due to a disabilityburnout, loss of mobility or opportunity, wanting more control over their schedule, the desire for financial gain, or wanting to pursue different interests. Doctors with own occupation disability policies may be able to work in a different career and collect disability benefits, if their policies allow for that. But sometimes it can be hard for doctors to make the transition to a new career.

SEAK, Inc.’s 16th Annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference is one resource for physicians looking to explore careers outside of the clinical setting, either full or part-time. This year, SEAK’s conference will be October 19 -20, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois, The attendees (over 400+ physicians in a variety of specialties) will participate in courses with over 40 faculty members, as well as attend free one-on-one mentoring sessions to explore dozens of non-clinical opportunities, and potentially meet with recruiters and employers. Industries that have recruited in the past include biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare consulting, among many others.

Potential opportunities discussed will include medical expert witnessing, writing (medical and non), conducting independent medical exams, file and peer reviews, consulting, life care planning, and inventing. Several of the presenters have transitioned out of clinical practice themselves and have gone on to become medical writers, work for agencies like the FDA, become physician or career coaches, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, among many other varied careers. The conference aims to show physicians that switching to a non-clinical career is an opportunity that “is in fact a step forward, not a step backwards,” and that it is possible to be financially successful when transitioning away from clinical practice, either partially or completely.

Additional information regarding the conference, and related materials from SEAK, and job postings can be found here.

If you are a physician thinking of transitioning to a new career it is important to consult with an experienced disability attorney in advance to ensure you will not be jeopardizing your ability to receive, or continue to receive, benefits under the terms of your policy.


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