Does Arizona Require My Disability Insurer
to Respond to My Letters?

Disability insurers often utilize the tactic of sending request after request for additional information for you to respond to.  But what happens if you have a question for your insurer? Does your insurer have to respond?

Although it may feel that you are simply sending a letter into the void, Arizona actually requires your insurance company to respond to you. Specifically, your insurer must acknowledge receipt of correspondence within ten days, unless payment is made within this period of time. See Ariz. Admin. Code § 20-6-801(E)(1).

Further, in Arizona, “an appropriate reply [must] be made within 10 working days on all other pertinent communications from a claimant which reasonable suggest that a response is expected.” Ariz. Admin. Code § 20-6-801(E)(3).

In our experience, insurance companies often drag their feet in making a claim decision, especially in high dollar claims filed by dentists, physicians and other professionals.  One way to ensure your case doesn’t end up on the back burner is to continue to engage with your insurance company.

If you have communicated with your insurance company, but aren’t receiving timely replies, please feel free to reach out to one of our attorneys directly.


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